Articles, Experiences and Rants

Hey there! I am Dinesh. Polyglot programmer @Colearn. I am a Lead backend engineer focusing on web application development in the Go, Python and Ruby ecosystems. I am curious about databases, and I am currently reading https://sql-performance-explained.com/


Lead backend engineer @Colearn, Abu Dabhi.

What can I do for you?

  • Build systems from scratch.
  • Improve existing systems.
  • Refactor and rewrite legacy systems.
  • Data migrations.
  • Architectures like event-driven, RPCs, mobile and web backend.

Tech stacks that I am good at

  • Go, Python and Ruby. Django and Rails recently.
  • Web Application Development, APIs, gRPC, Twirp, Protocol buffers.
  • Postgres, Redis and MongoDB.
  • RabbitMQ, Kafka.
  • GCP with Kubernetes, PubSub, CloudFunction. AWS with ECS, Glue, Lambdas.


  • ecsnv : A lightweight utility to dump AWS Fargate’s ECS containers environment variables locally.
  • tic-tac-to : Tic Tac Toe over network.
  • bitcask-rb : Build your own key value store.
  • redislock : Light weight redis lock.
  • kafka-manager : Eventing over Kafka.

Open Source Contributions