Build Your Own Fast, Persistent KV Store

Databases have always fascinated me, and I have always dreamt of building a simple, hobby database for fun. I have read several blog posts about building redis, git, compiler, and interpreter, but none about building a database. This post is an outcome of a long and treacherous search of posts on making a database and eventually encountering the Bitcask paper.

Materialized View: SQL Queries on Steroids

I have been working with a client with close to 600k images on their home page. The photos are tagged with multiple categories. The index API returns paginated pictures based on various sets of filters on classes. Recently, they normalized their data, and every image was mapped to 4 different categories through join tables.

Eventing over SNS-SQS and RabbitMQ

In this post, we will talk about some exciting and powerful use cases of event-driven systems that can be solved using RabbitMQ and SNS - SQS combo. Goal Say we have several microservices running in production, and each service encloses a business entity.